Hefa Tuita


Raised in Spanish Fork, Utah, Hefa began dancing at Heart n Soul at the age of 8 doing hip hop, and at the age of 13 moved to Center Stage Performing Arts Studio to train in ballroom, jazz, and hip hop. By the time he was 14 he was actively involved in football, basketball and all forms of dance and began competing in dance competitions. During the same time, he went on an open audition for High School Musical 2 where he booked a featured dancer roll, and ultimately decided to quit his high school basketball team to pursue a career as a dancer.

Greatly influenced by his parents, both former dancers, they taught him to have fun with everything, dance to the fullest, and never lose his love and passion for it. They taught him that he could do anything and continually support his dreams and talent.

Some of his favorite jobs have been when he got to work with Rich & Tone Talauega. They're like older brothers to him and share a lot of the same culture and background.

Favorite place he's traveled for work was the Nickelodeon Caribbean Cruise with the Nick 6.

Being chosen to do the Monsters of Hip Hop show was his greatest breakthrough, as a ton of doors were opened for him to showcase his talent and work with amazing choreographers.

Utah Utes are his favorite college football team.

When not dancing, he loves writing and creating music, playing the guitar, piano, drums and also singing. He's in a group with his brothers, Tuita Boyz. He also loves volunteering his time to teach and inspire youth at his dance studio and church.

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