India McGee


 India R. McGee was born in Hampton, Virginia into a military family complete with brothers and sisters.  She began dancing in church at the age of 3, where the group’s choreographer noticed that she showed an exceptional interest in dance. It was suggested that she begin formal training, however due to her families constant moving being able to attach to any one studio or style of dance proved difficult. It was not until college that she was able to plant herself in the city of Los Angeles and attend programs at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Lula Washington Dance Studio and the esteemed dance program at California State University Los Angeles. After completing her Bachelors degree, several dance/fitness certification programs and the Groundlings she still had ambitions that couldn’t be fulfilled in California. She booked her first Broadway show through a cattle call being held in North Hollywood, achieving her dream of moving to NYC.
       India is an natural storyteller and uses her blogs and vlogs as an online reservoir for both. Cooking, and hosting dinner parties, have steadily brought her joy since she first started community dinners in her college dorm. She’s always felt being able to connect and commune with people, swap stories and experience different points of view, seem to make meals that much more satisfying. Fortunately she as able to meet and build strong relationships with people who have her support system through out the roller coaster that is “the entertainment business”. Her parents, siblings, extended family, church family and dorm sisters did their best to make it to every show, no matter the scale. Her mentors, teachers and advisors also showed support with advice and guidance whether jobs where abundant or sparse.  She is very excited to write this next chapter of her life and is very excited to be apart of the bloc team!

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