Jasmine Lin


Jas Lin (they/them) is a non-binary taiwanese/american dancer, choreographer, and movement facilitator committed to the life-long process of unlearning and un-teaching oppressive, Othering, and superficial ways of moving, being, sensing, and knowing. They stage exorcisms for purging choreographies of the learned body and shutting down the internal and external surveillance cameras that suggest there is a Proper way to move through the world. Born and raised on Tongva Land (also known as Los Angeles), Lin’s performances, workshops, and films have been shared and featured at distinguished cultural institutions around the world, including the British Museum, MoCA Shanghai, and REDCAT Theater. They most recently danced for Melanie Martinez on The K-12 World Tour, and also collaborated with artists and brands like Tinashe, Nina McNeely, Apple, and Facebook.

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