Nicole Bondzie


Nicole a born and bred Londoner started her dance training at a very young age, training in jazz, ballet, tap and musical theatre. It wasn't until her teens that she found a love for hip hop and commercial styles and she has not looked back since. Nicole has worked extensively in the dance industry in the UK since 2008 and landed her first professional job on a European/World tour for Kelly Rowland. Since then she has worked with artists such as Cher Lloyd, Jessie J and Florence and The Machine to name a few and toured with a number of UK artists in the UK and Europe; also appearing on TV shows such as X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.  Throughout the years Nicole has loved travelling to LA a number of times to train and this year decided to make it more than just a holiday and try her hand in making a career work in the states, as it is something she has always dreamed of.  In her spare time Nicole can be found singing a long to a Musical Theatre soundtrack somewhere/everywhere, as she is a massive undercover cheese ball; some would say not so undercover. If she could choose a dance era to live in it would be 80s Jazz and 90s hip hop. 

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