Quinetta Wilmington


Quinetta was born and raised in the inner city of Philadelphia. Since a child, she was always a part of the neighborhood and school dance teams. As time went on, Quinetta realized that dancing was so much more than a hobby. While attending college at Norfolk State University, she made the dual decision to not only complete the Registered Nursing Program, but also to become a professional dancer. In 2007, Quinetta graduated with honors and a degree in Nursing.

In 2009, Quinetta moved to California to follow her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Fast forward to the present and she has done just that. While signing to one of the top agencies within less than 4 months of being in LA, Quinetta has been blessed to say that each year has been progressively better than the last.

She has performed with a wide range of artists including the veterans and the newbies of the music industry. Iggy Azalea, Queen Latifah, Estelle, Tinashe, Jordin Sparks, Usher, Rihanna and Beyoncé are a few of the many. Most recently, Quinetta had the great opportunity of being apart of the 2016 Formation World Tour, the Epic Visual Album Lemonade and one of the print models for Beyoncé clothing line Ivy Park Fall/Winter Line 2016. Her journey this far has inspired her to go to inner city/underprivileged neighborhoods to encourage and inspire the youth to not only dream, but to put those dreams into action. Quinetta strives daily to be a light, expressing through dance the joy and fulfillment that comes with being true to yourself and following your hearts desires.

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