Scott Hislop


Scott Hislop began his storied career as one of LA’s most sought after commercial film and television dancers. He has worked on some of the most notable films of our time, from Titanic to La La Land and 30+ in between, he has an undeniable presence that seasoned directors love to have on set over and over again.

Scott, a man of many talents with many hats, is a team player. He is able to serve the project as choreographer, on the production team, if need be, or as a chameleon performer. He has almost 3 decades experience working on film sets. He knows the ins and outs of what makes a productive set. He has served as department head of choreography for 5 feature films; his duties including – casting, scheduling, working alongside other departments, and training/teaching actors for all 5. Scott has translated his experience to become Producer for 2 feature films now (A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish + A Cinderella Story: Star Struck).

An actor himself, he knows their language, how to break things down and how to coach vulnerable movement performances out of them. Indeed, he taught a movement for actors class at the famous Howard Fine Acting School for many years.

Scott is a valuable asset to have on any project. His expertise in movement, writing, acting, production, casting, music, and scheduling paired with his easy-going, can-do attitude make him a solid investment for any film or television series.

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