Seth Hillard


Growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Seth Hillard attended Toledo School for the Arts where he crafted his love for dance and choreography. At a very young age Seth fell in love with Hip Hop culture paying special attention to the element of B-boying. Combining uncanny flexibility, imaginative versatility, and meticulous musicality he made a name for himself as B-boy Reaktion (rēˈakSHÉ™n) winning Midwest and National Bboy competitions. While evolving his craft in dance Seth also developed other skills in tumbling, skateboarding, and martial arts like Capoeira. In 2012 he packed up his dream and moved to LA to pursue a career in Dance. Within a matter of a few months Seth landed his target agency, booked his first audition, and was working as a professional dancer. Michael Jackson’s video, “Love Never Felt So Good” and Nick Cannon’s video, “Looking For A Dream” are just some of the work Seth has on his blooming resume. Featuring in commercials for Pepsi, Men’s Warehouse, and a VH1 Super Bowl spot, the extremely humble and always smiling Seth has grown fast in the entertainment industry. He credits his advances in dance to working with top choreographers such as Chuck Maldonado, Rich & Tone, Oth’than Burnside, and many more. “A dancers job is to turn an audible art form into a visual art form. As dancers we translate music for people to physically see. We are all artists and our only job is to follow our dreams.” ~ Seth Hillard

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