Stephanie Mincone


At the young age of 3, Stephanie couldn’t help but move when music was playing so her parents put her in dance classes. Growing up in Long Island, NY made for an easy commute to take professional classes at Broadway Dance Center, in addition to the studio she grew up training at. Spending most of adolescence at the studio after school and on weekends, Stephanie knew she had the dedication to turn her passion for dance into a profession and she moved out to Los Angeles. The first major job she landed was dancing for Sia in 2016, where she got to perform a whole set including multiple solo performances on the main stage at Coachella. Since then, she has toured globally with Sia, Derek & Julianne Hough, and Taylor Swift to name a few –  sometimes performing for crowds of 80,000 plus and making memories she will never forget. These opportunities to travel exposed Stephanie to many new cultural experiences and has ignited a desire in her to see as much of the world as she can. She understands that in her profession, the next job isn’t always guaranteed or predictable, leaving for a loosely structured schedule. While this can be scary at times, Stephanie sees it as an opportunity to do whatever she wants with her free time! Hence, she loves to take unplanned trips with friends or go back to NY to visit family and explore what New York City has to offer. She truly enjoys the best of both coasts and while it can be hard to be away from family, they are the reason she is able to fulfill her dreams.

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