Taeko McCarroll


I grew up in Sacramento but traveled back and forth to Japan all the time.

My mom is a Balkan folk dance teacher, so I have been folk dancing since I could walk. Now I have training in hip hop, jazz, house, popping, jazz funk, contemporary, and tap. I am a Recording Artists, Actor, and Producer as well, so if I'm not relaxing or having fun with friends I am having fun exploring with projects of music, acting, or producing. My favorite weekend activity is to have fun doing new things and making up games and adventures for me and my friends. My mom is my inspiration. She is an entrepreneur, she does what she loves to do for her work, is motivated, responsible, loving, caring, a good role model, and is just exactly how I want to be when I grow up!

Live with respect and have FUN! Because who knows if there is a tomorrow. Live for today a philosophy for life.

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