Timor Steffens

Timor Steffens, (1987) born in the Netherlands, always had a passion for dancing but never really gave it a serious shot. This young multicultural boy (Moroccan, Native American, German) initially had other interests before dancing. At age of 17, Timor began clubbing and partying with friends, his Spirit found It's freedom; Dance. He started battling in various clubs and he became a well-known freestyle dancer. Timor has always been a very driven and motivated person. After discovering his true love for dance. T needed More.

He decided to audition for the Academy for Performing Arts in 2005 to develop his knowledge and begin his journey in dance. With no technique or knowledge about any dance styles Timor was accepted solely because of his heart and determination. From that point on Timor's life drastically changed. Shows and gigs came his way and his knowledge and understanding of dance began to develop rapidly.

In 2008 he signed up for the TV talent show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. His hard work paid off when he was awarded 1st runner up in the competition. This experience changed Timor's life and he is now recognized as one of Holland's top dancers.

Craving More, Timor traveled to Los Angeles for the first time to shoot a music video. While in L.A. he inquired about getting a visa and expanded his network within the industry. It was three months later that he received a phone call for the Michael Jackson audition. Timor poured his heart and soul into the audition and it paid off. He became one of the 12 principal dancers of the This Is It tour. Believing in himself and never settling gave him more than he could imagine. He has proven that anything is possible.

Timor's main goal is to become one of the best choreographers and art directors in the world. With his work Timor wants to inspire people worldwide in all aspects of life.

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