Zaire Adams


At the ripe old age of just 5 years old, Zaire had a passion for the arts and began taking acting, singing, and dancing lessons. At age 6, he began singing at church and participating in talent shows. At the age of 8, he appeared in shows in local theaters, The Wiz and We Are the Drums. At age 9, Zaire made his professional debut on stage as June bug in Twist (off Broadway) at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. At age 10, he was thrilled and honored to book the role of Young Simba for the Broadway Production of Disney’s The Lion King.
Since completing the Broadway Production of Disney’s The Lion King, Zaire has been casted in Featured films, TV series, Commercials and Music videos. He is currently in the 8th grade, an honor student, loves to read and write. He spends his free time taking acting, singing, and dancing lessons. He is currently working with record producers and song writers, recording songs and making his own music videos.  His goals are to book his own sitcom as the principal, showcasing his acting, singing and dancing skills and sign a record deal
Zaire is grateful to God for his blessings and all opportunities. He is grateful to his family for their continued support. He is also grateful for the agents and lawyers that work daily to find him opportunities in the entertainment industry. 

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