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Carly Blaney


STYLE: Contemporary, Jazz, Technique

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Contemporary: I grew up training in a lyrical contemporary style, so in my class we tell a story. I am also technically trained. You can expect to have a lot of technique in my combos. I love combos that connect with the lyrics and enables the dancers to resonate with the lyrics in their own way. I love to challenge dancers of all ages to share their story with the class to create a loving, supportive and creative atmosphere. Jazz: I grew up training in a very competitive studio. Because of this I love to challenge my students to have strong technique and sharp lines. It is important for dancers to continue to train in jazz because it makes you stronger and sharper in all other styles. In my class you can expect high energy combinations that are fast moving and challenging. My class creates an environment where girls are able to express themselves and own being who they are. Technique: I am very passionate about strong technical dancers. I think it is important that dancers go back to the basics and make sure the fundamentals are correct. I specialize in turning. This is an aspect of my fundamental teaching. I have a clear method for pirouettes that can be taught to all ages to add more control and clarity to their pirouettes. My teaching style evokes passion and energy. I always want my students leaving my class excited and motivated by their growth and progress.

BIO: Carly Blaney was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey and began dancing at the age of 2. By the age of 6 she began competing at Studio L Dance Co. where she continued training until she graduated from high school. During her time competing, Carly won numerous national titles. Carly continued on to Arizona State University where she was a communication major and a member of their nationally ranked dance team. While at ASU, she was a member of Team USA Dance and won the gold medal in the jazz category. Carly was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance season 11 where she was a part of the Top 14 finalists. Some of the choreographers Carly worked with include: Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Sonya Tayeh, Stacey Tookey, Luther Brown, Warren Carlyle, and Joshua Bergasse. Carly was a dancer on the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour that performed in 77 different cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Carly has had amazing opportunities in the industry. Recently she performed at the Emmy Awards with Stephen Colbert and the Grammy Awards with James Corden. She also has appeared in Rob Riggle’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” parody video on FOX sports. Carly also has had the opportunity to appear in various different music videos and she just finished filming a feature film as a dancer in a movie coming out next year! Carly also travels across the country, choreographing and teaching master classes. Recently she choreographed and danced in a video for the record company, "SunPop," to promote one of their artists. Carly is excited and fully committed to make her dreams a reality through continued hard work and perseverance.

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