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Guy Amir


STYLE: Hip Hop

BIO: Guy Amir started his dance training at the age of 7 years old at the Charlotte Klein Dance Centers in Worcester MA. Guy has studied in a variety of dance styles including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop. Guy has been teaching dance since the age of 16 and loves working with students of all ages. After receiving his BFA from the University of Arizona in 2012, Guy moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in dance. Since moving to LA, Guy has had a lot of great opportunities to work with top choreographers as well as appear on a variety of TV shows and Commercials. He can be seen as a featured dancer in the TV shows THE MIDDLE, THE GOLDBERGS, and CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND. He also appears in the SAMSUNG VR APP video and a print ad feature for DIRECT TV. He will soon be seen as a featured dancer in the film VALLEY GIRL. Guy's choreography work includes music videos for JOJO SIWA – BOOMERANG, KID IN A CANDY STORE, and HOLD THE DRAMA and choreographing for JoJo Siwa's HALO AWARDS performance. 

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