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Sarah Steben


STYLE: Hip Hop, House, Fusion (Contemporary/Hip Hop), Freestyle Workshops, Movement Exploration, Performance Technique

CLASS DESCRIPTION: My class formula is as follows for a 1.5 hour choreo workshop – 20 minute grooves/basics warm up & stretch, breakdown of choreography and running of choreo in groups for last 70 minutes. Depending on the style of the choreography, the warm up will be geared towards the fundamentals of the style.

Class formula for performance technique – First 30 minutes, drills across the floor (walks, small combos focusing on feeling/character), next 30 minutes drills in front of mirror focusing solely on expression in face and body, last 30 minutes either a choreography meant to emphasize performance, mock audition, or freestyle.

Class formula for freestyle technique/improv – same formula as above but all freestyle related challenges. Exploring groundwork, footwork, levels, space, elements, contact improv, cypher/freestyle circles, individualized feedback on how to improve.

BIO: Sarah Steben is a Montreal based hip-hop dancer and instructor who began her career at the age of 15 years old. Early on in her career, she became a member of the two-time world Hip Hop champion crew Extreme which allowed her to showcase and compete all over North America and in Europe at major events including World of Dance, Hip Hop International and many more. It is also during these years that Sarah developed a passion for teaching. She began as an assistant instructor at 16 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Now, 12 years later she has assisted choreographers, as well as taught at Monsters of Hip Hop Dance Convention, taught at R2D Camp in Toronto, and has travelled across Canada to share her knowledge and passion with a multitude of different studios. Sarah has also judged major regional dance competitions such as Thunderstruck Canada and Rock the Beat. Sarah has worked choreographically with artists such as Britty, Jaden Chase, Chris James and more, giving her knowledge and perspective on the industry as well. She teaches regularly in Montreal, and has choreographed multiple stand out/first place numbers for competitions such as Hit The Floor (Quebec). She recently has made her way to Los Angeles to pursue both her passion for dance and for educating. The unique part about Sarah, is that you will never know what style she will throw at you in class. As a versatile dancer, she incorporates her knowledge and training into her choreography and freestyle. Well versed in styles such as hip hop, house, waacking, popping, locking and contemporary; she brings a solid foundation base as well as intricate musicality to her choreography. As a kickboxing fitness instructor back in Montreal, Sarah has the skills to push her dancers fitness level, but also explain anatomy, and body movement properly. She is passionate about the evolution and progress of each of her students and genuinely cares about bringing the next generation of dancers unparalleled training.

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