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Tony Bellissimo

STYLE: Hip Hop

BIO: Anthony Bellissimo also know as Tony grew up in Buffalo New York his entire life. He trained and taught at the Future Dance Center under his teachers and life mentors Gino and Denise Vaccaro in all styles of dance but gravitated to hip-hop and funk styles. Tony loved to freestyle and express himself to a crowd at local hip hop / BBOY jams around the area but had his mind and heart set on a bigger audience which led him to audition for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Tony knew he wasn’t as gifted as the other dancers but believed he could entertain the t greats he studied, Ray Bolger, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner, Fred Astaire and ofcoure Michael Jackson. Tony didn’t make it his first time out season 4 but believed he could do so season 5 he made a strong effort and made it to the Top 20 and made his first nation wide appearance.  He made the choice after the show he must move to LA. Tony moved the next winter and with in the first five days of being in LA he auditioned for the the 82nd Academy Awards and that’s were it all began. Since then he has worked with the top choreographers in LA and biggest artists in the business. Tonys main credits include Step Up 3D, Glee, At&t radio shack comercial, 2010 kids choice awards, Fresh Beat Band, Billboard Awards 2011 and skeleton crew for Back Street Boys. Has shared the stage with Ne-Yo, Drake, Britney Spears, backed up Austin Brown in Austins first Music video 85 and was chosen to be one of four guys and eight dancers to join Rihanna on her 2011 Loud Tour. He will also be in the upcoming films Rock of Ages and principle dancer in STEP UP 4.  Tony will continue his journey to entertain and inspire they way others have done for him.

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