Ace Tadeo

Ace, better known as Bboy Babalu, fell in love with dance at the age of 3 when he took his first classes in tap and tumbling. As his passion and love for dance grew, he began hip hop classes which lead him to discover his ultimate favorite style, breakdancing.

Ace took his first breakdancing class at the age of 5 and loved it so much that he soon signed up for all the classes available at his breakdance studio. His dedication and passion for breakdancing allowed him to improve at a rapid pace.  His instructors were so impressed by how fast he learned and how dedicated he was that they invited him to attend one of their breakdancing battles.  They thought that if Ace saw them battling, it would encourage him to participate in a future event. Little did they know that Ace didn’t just want to watch, he was ready to battle himself. Even though Ace battled against adults and didn’t win many rounds because he was only a beginner, he loved the experience and wanted to do it all over again.  Ace now participates in as many breakdancing battles as he possibly can, improving more and more each time, sometimes even taking the win.

Ace continues to expand his dance skills by participating in all the diverse styles available at his studio.  As he works hard to improve himself in his passion, his love for dance continues to grow each day.

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