Evan Hernandez


Evan has been trained by his parents in classical dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics and Choreographed Hip-Hop since the age of 3. A California native, this multi-award winner trains at Montebello Performing Arts Center and has worked with Dave Scott, Marty Kudelka, Eddie Garcia, Guy Amir and Bonnie Lythgoe just to name a few. Evan Can be seen in a variety of commercials for companies such as Target, Adidas, Old Navy, Verizon Wireless and Nickelodean. When he is not training you might find him battling in local all style battles alongside his sister Lexi. Evan is considered a bboy and has been recognized as such from some of the bboy community’s top talent. In addition to dedicating himself to his home dance studio, Evan enjoys playing board games and reading graphic novels.

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