Jedd Berina


My name is Jedd Berina, but I'm known by Jeddmashupkid. They call me Jeddmashupkid cuz I can mashup all kinds of dances. I am born a true performer I must say. Thank you. I'm 11 years old and I live in Los Angeles, California. I started dancing as Street Performer in Santa Monica, California (2016-2017). I've been dancing since I was 2 y/o (self taught), then I started taking dance classes/professional dancing April of 2017. My biggest inspiration in dancing is none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. People actually call me "lil Michael Jackson". Aside from MJ moves, I'm also very good in HipHop and Funk Jazz dance and still learning contemporary dance. My biggest dream is to be the next Michael Jackson of my generation. 

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