Sebastian Arellanes


Inspired by dance movies, I joined a breakdancing class in May 0f 2014. Nine months later, I entered my first major 3vs3 event with my instructor and an older student. In December of 2015, through hard work and dedication, I was now the youngest member of Knucklehead Zoo. Being part of this adult crew, opened up opportunities to dance in front of numerous crowds as a hired performer. While still battling in competitions, I traveled to California, Arizona, Philadelphia and Utah. I was flown to China in 2016, to represent the USA, in an event with over 200 kids from around the world. I placed in the top 8. Sharing the passion of dance with kids from other countries was an awesome experience. Coming back to the states, I was offered an opportunity to perform at “Rose. Rabbit. Lie.”, a restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Being part of these many events, I’ve developed a huge interest in fashion. I am blessed to have a strong family support and have surrounded myself with good people. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me!

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