Zoe Savannah


Zoe Walker, affectionately known as "Zoe Savannah", started dancing at 3yrs old, and with no formal training at that time, displayed a natural talent to freestyle choreography and rhythmic dancing. Atlanta bred and California raised, she has advanced her skills and career in a short time, from indie-film (513 Fahrenheit), dancing in the global-feel-good-movement video, HAPPY, and Meghan Trainor's, ALL ABOUT THAT BASS. She's been featured in commercials (Anna's Linens and Target), and in addition Zoe was the face of a national empowerment campaign for a video-book, I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl, geared towards promoting the beauty of young African-American girls.

Currently attending USC 32nd Performing Arts School, she is part of USC's Young Jazz Ensemble, Theater community, and she is team captain of LA's BEST dance competition squad. Having studied new styles of dance and choreography under the guidance of seasoned industry vets Fatima Robinson and Charm, her admiration for the world of dance is likened to her "having an out of body experience". Zoe's mantra is, "just dance for the people", as she dreams of one day becoming a choreographer so she can work and travel the world, all while doing what she loves…DANCE!

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