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Marcus Emanuel Mitchell

Marcus Emanuel

Marcus Emanuel Mitchell was raised in Houston, Texas & Cleveland, Ohio. Marcus is a natural athlete, a former Division 1 basketball player who has parlayed this athleticism into a dancing career, landing roles on various award shows, music videos, television shows, and movies. It wasn't until the age of 16 that he was introduced to dance by watching and trying to intimate world renowned pioneers of this art, such as Popping Pete, Popping Taco, Boogaloo Shrimp, Mr Wiggles, Achy, Kite and Franqey. But it wasn't until 4 years ago where he discovered you can make a living from this form of art when he went to college and was even more subjected to it. Suddenly his eyes were opened to a whole new world, a whole new idea and a whole new outlet. Realizing dance was what he wanted to ultimately do he wanted to learn more so he decided to major in Dance & Theatre while at college, training in styles of contemporary, modern, ballet and jazz. It was only after 1 year of college that Marcus would embarked on his first opportunity and soon to be breakthrough job. This lead him to take a step of faith towards his dreams and passions leaving school to head to LA where he has become one of Los Angeles' most hottest working dancers, lead males and sought after talents in the industry.

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