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Marcus Taylor


What makes Boogiebot's style unique is his versatility: From Flexing, Bboying, Popping, Turfing, Tutting, Krumping, Finger Tutting, Hat tricks/Illusions as well as magic. He brings something different and unique to the stage every time, chaining together styles in random order to the point where NO ONE will expect what he's about to do. “Its always been my goal to master different styles of dance and become an all styles street dancer. I believe that all styles is the new style.” Born in a small town called Victorville and raised in different foster home systems his whole life, he found dance at a young age and hasn't stopped pursuing it ever since. He grew up battling with his team Killer Instinct Crew in California since he was 14; Was into skateboarding, basketball, and magic as a kid which is why he applies illusions to his dance. One of his primary goals is to be an example for kids that come from similar situations that anything is possible if you keep dreaming and keep moving forward with a positive mindset!

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