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Mykell Wilson

Mykell Wilson is a California Native born to inspire. Early in college he learned that sometimes your purpose differs from your dream. After an inner battle he discovered the power of leadership through arts and entertainment. He is an all-around entertainer: singer, songwriter, actor , dancer, choreographer, artistic director, motivational speaker and published author. Dance has allowed him to work/tour with Prince, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Pharrell, Kanye West, Backstreet Boys, Saay, Dean and many more artiars. He’s danced in  many awards shows in America/across the globe, movies, national commercials and television series. His music has granted him access to sing on BET awards show and recently his song was featured across Europe in SNIPES athletic store campaign, staring him. His book released his voice to a generation and his direction shapes culture. He has many talents, but they are the vehicles of one great purpose- that life is worth living and where you can’t find the light you should BE THE LIGHT. Known to many as Mighty Mykell, Mykell Wilson is here to inspire, entertain and encourage.
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